If We Were Jennifer Lawrence We'd Hire Hot Bodyguards Too

Hey, maybe she grew up watching the Bodyguard and that's the real reason why she became famous - to fulfil a childhood fairytale. We're rambling now, you just want to see the pics of the hot bodyguard, don't you.


So, who is he? His name is Greg Lenz. And that's all we know.

This isn't the first time Jennifer's managed to bag herself an attractive bodyguard... to quote an insider divulging to Us Weekly, "Jennifer likes the hot ones!" And sure why wouldn't she. Here she is in the company of another attractive bodyguard by the name of Justin Riblet. Unsurprisingly he's "very popular among the ladies in Jen's team."

We particularly like the one of Greg carrying Jennifer's little dog. He'll cuddle your pets AND save your life *swoons*

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