In The Navy with Nails Inc

nails incNavy nails are one of the latest dark polish trends for nails. Nice - now schoolgirls, Lady Gardi and nuns can all be perfectly co-ordinated.

While I doubt that was actually the intention, navy nail colour is a bit, well, uniformy isn't it? Not according to Nails Inc, who are leading the Polish Pack with their Kabaret offering (middle). It was inspired by London's glamorous nightlife, and is the shade of the moment - and indeed it would look great with all this cobalt blue we're seeing everywhere. It's a "brilliant inky black best described as Navy Blue with a shimmering undertone". Oooh, they make it sounds so fab. So fab indeed that now I want it.


If you do too, buy online from Nails Inc, where the Catwalk Colours set in the photo above will set you back a mere £15 - the price in the shops is £27.

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