Indian Head Massage leads to Drool on the floor - MORTO

The seemingly unending saga of my broken shoulder has entered a new phase - the muscles in my neck and shoulders are really acting up.

So what better excuse to go for massages to try to loosen the whole thing up?  Indian Head Massage is one of the greatest pleasures known to humankind and is hands down my favourite spa treatment.  Usually lasting about 45 minutes, the therapist works on your shoulders, neck, does a bit of back massage and then moves up to your head.

A lot of tension and stress is carried in the neck and head and getting a massage like this is the quickest way to blissville.

So as I settled myself down on the heated bed, wedged my phisog in the head hole yoke and inhaled the scented oils, I was totally chilled out in expectation of what was to come.

The tiled floor beneath me was the only thing in my line of vision and I have briefly wondered before if anyone falls asleep during a massage and drools on it.  Drool from an open mouth falling through the head doughnut and splatting on the floor?


Nah not me I thought smugly.

But twenty minutes into my massage I opened my eyes and saw a splat on the previously spotless tiles.  Oh no! I thought in horror and resolved to keep my mouth firmly closed for the remainder of the time.  But ten minutes on from that, when it was time for me to turn around and get the face bit of the massage, I saw MORE evidence of drool.

Truly I was as morto as though I had peed on the floor.

Please tell me I'm not the only one this happens to!  Have you had any embarrassing incidents like this?


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