It's Hair Cutting Season and Kate Hudson is in on That Action

It's funny how not only fashions chance with the seasons. While spring is traditionally a time for change (and September of course, when we are in back to school mode) summer is really when we want to chop all of our hair off. 

Summer or not, it now seems mandatory for actors to share photos of themselves getting their hair cut for new roles. It must be written into their movie contract as part of the marketing strategy. Makes sense.

Here is Kate, looking slightly surprised while getting her hair hacked off. It comes with the caption: "First day on set of new film and they're going to town on my hair! Ah!!!!!"



In case you're thinking "Hey, this must be the 'before' shot", it's not. Kate's hair is usually about 2 inches longer. As for the title of the film which requires a transformation of such magnitude, it's The Long Night.

It's not exactly Jared Leto's transformation for The Joker, but it's making headlines this morning regardless.

Do you find yourself considering a new 'do around this time of year? What motivates you to get your hair done? 

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