Jared Leto Debuts New Pink Hair in Paris

Sure what else would you be up to in a Parisian hotel room when left alone with freshly baked goods... He captioned the below "Le Pink and Le Pain #Paris"

After enjoying a light lunch, he then set about hobnobbing with the likes of Kanye at the seemingly never ending PFW... "Moi et Kanye á #Paris :)"

And then he set about covering his ageless face (harvesting the souls of virgins - just a theory) in a pair of goggles and the American flag... "Through the looking glass I see."



PS: Don't know about you, but we reckon he carries off the neon green look better.

PPS: Orlando Bloom also took his top off over the weekend, but no one seemed to care as much.

What do you reckon, does Jordan Catalano look pretty in pink?


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