Jared Leto & Kim K Appear To Enter Draco Malfoy Lookalike Competition

Kim Kardashian and Jared Leto are apparently taking this competition quite seriously. Here they are in full on Draco Malfoy mode. Just add a big hood to Kanye's ensemble and he could be a Dementor!

We'll look at Kim first, which is a good effort. She's embodying some of Draco's later looks while visiting the Louis Vuitton foundation...

And now, to Jared at the Balmain fashion show. To be fair, he went all out with the blazer, so he wins.

In case you're brain is currently screaming "what has Jared done to himself?!" It's for a movie role. You can see his transformation from the long locked lovely to Draco, by way of Jordan Catalano, here.

But back to Kim. Here is her see through fishnet ensemble here in all its, eh, stripped back glory. This was the ensemble Kim chose to wear to "enjoy a night out in Paris" after attending the Lanvin show. We know the sandals are Lanvin, and they are beaut-ee-ful. Less said about the gúna the better.

Later that night, she went one step further to becoming a fully fledged 'Show Pony' at the Balmain show after party.

As for Draco himself, Tom Felton tweeted this regarding Kim's new look:


PS: I KNEW Jared Leto was harvesting the souls of nubile virgins to stay that young looking.

Via Us Weekly

Who suits platinum better, Kim or Jared? Are you a fan of the Draco look? Have you ever, or are you right now, on the bright side?

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