Jeepers Creepers: just what are Posh 'n Becks doing in that lift?

The latest scentsational offering from Brand Beckham sees himself and herself together in a lift.

After more than a decade and three kids together, Posh and Becks are still so sizzling hot for one another that every time a lift door shuts on them they're at it like horny rabbits.

"Don't mess my makeup David" Posh breathes frantically as she grasps the hand rail in pretend ecstasy (all the better to show off her massive rock).

"No no don't touch me! You'll mess my makeup"

"But Victoria we have to at least pretend." David mutters "The cameras are rolling"


"I'll just toss my head back and you sort of sniff me like in the film Jeepers Creepers. Yes that's it! Oh this is going to look so sexy! I will look perfect!"

As the lift door opens David needlessly pretends to wipe lipstick off his mouth while Posh gives a saucy eyes sideways glance.

But they know it and we know it. Nothing happened.

The makeup must never be messed. AND THAT'S FINAL.

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