Kerastase Aminexil and the day Sean Moncrief rang me

sean moncrieff

Some years ago now, my phone rang in work. It was my first week in a new job.

"Hellooo" a high pitched comedy mammy voice said. "I wonder would you ever listen to this tape for me and tell me what you think".

I froze. I knew beyond a shadow of a doubt it was Monica Looley, the alter ego of Sean Moncrief. And that he was going to take the major piss out of me and then play back the call for the hilarity of the nation on television. The organisation I was working for was highly respected and famous for their customer service. I didn't know anyone well enough to ask for help - they'd probably think I was mad. I stammered into the phone "I don't think I can help"

"Sure you can, just have a little listen, tell me what you think, I need someone to analyse this tape for me, kind of tell me what psychology is behind it and so I instantly thought of X (insert name of organisation)."

He persisted for AGES. Reader I'm ashamed to admit that I advised him to ring XX (insert name of other similar organisation) and hung up. In a friendly fashion of course. But it was traumatic and only when that weeks show passed without note did I calm down.

Well I've never quite forgiven Sean Moncrief for that. But you know me, I'm always ready to help others and that's why when I heard about Kerastase Aminexil I instantly thought of him.


Like the Holy Grail, a cure for baldness in both men and women has long been sought.

There are lots of reasons for losing your hair. Male pattern baldness of course, but also stress, alopecia, illness, pregnancy and certain medications. Like any health or beauty problem that doesn't have a solution, quackery abounds. All sorts of oils and magic potions that aren't worth a damn have been sold forever ... oh probably since the dawn of time. Nowadays these preparations have psuedoscientific names and explanations. But none of them work. Like the quest for eternal youth, the answer to the conundrum of hair loss has seemed to eternally elude us. Until now?

When I heard about Kerastase Aminexil I was initally sceptical about its abilities to prevent hair loss. But Natasha promises it works. And Natasha knows her stuff. She explained the whole process of hair loss and how it is actually possible to prevent it. So here comes the science.

  • Hair grows from follicles
  • Every one of us naturally loses between 60 and 100 hairs a day.
  • Lost hair grows back out of the follicles
  • So far so good

The problem begins when sebum hardens in the follicles. Individual hairs can't grow back. And so these 60-100 hairs lost a day soon become 1000 hairs lost over ten days that can't grow back and tens of thousands of hairs over a year. Which is why hair seems to thin gradually.

Kerastase Aminexcil however softens this sebum in the follicles. Individual hairs lost are not prevented from growing back and as a result baldness is actually prevented.


But is there any hope for Sean? Well you never know. Maybe he'll ring me and we can discuss it.

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