Late to the MAC 187 Brush Party, but Very Ready to Rock

mac 187

If you already own one of MAC's 187 duo fibre brushes, no doubt you'll be nodding sagely as I, late in the day, gush like a fountain about how bloody brilliant this tool is.

I've wanted one for a while, having read so many great testimonials and reviews on too many blogs to mention, and finally I got my paws on one recently. At €45, this is definitely an investment buy (you can use for blush and bronzer too, which helps take the sting out a little), but it kicks the ass off any other regular paintbrush-style foundation brush I've tried, and I have about three in my kit.

While I do use them for special occasion makeup and they do give a nice finish, it quite frankly requires a lot of effort to get a good result, and equally frankly, I can't be bothered most of the time.


This is so much easier to use - I squidge two pumps of foundation on to the back of my hand; swirl the 187 through and then stipple/buff onto skin with circular movements.  I'm not entirely sure if this is the 100% correct way to use it; but it's working really well for me. I'm getting a lovely light finish and I'm using it daily without even thinking - a sure sign I really like it and that it's going to remain a firm fave in the future.

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