Only Lorde Could Make an Eye Issue an Opportunity for Some Poetry

Oh no, Lorde what's going on with your poor peeper?!

The New Zealander posted the below to her instagram with the caption: "one question: what happened to your eye?" Given she's currently doing the rounds at New York Fashion Week, one can assume it's a question she's been hearing a lot...

The 18-year-old followed this with some eye-related poetry on twitter...


In another Instagram post, she said: "The skin is peeling off my lips and hands. These days i very rarely see the sun and my eye is weeping and screaming and it's fashion week and everyone already thinks i'm strange and it's a kanye show where the freaks are beautiful so why not say f*ck it and let's dance with the melodrama?"

And dance with the melodrama she did by attending a number of events rocking two entirely different eyes. She could've just painted the other one plum too and, sure, no one would've raised an eyebrow!

Adding a PS to one of her posts, she said: "Now I'm in bed in a sweater editing something cool for you guys to see very soon" so perhaps it's all tied in. Or perhaps she just needs a good night's kip, some vitamin D, and rake load of 8 Hour Cream.



Ever suffered a major facial rebellion while having to attend an event? Did you try cover it up, or just think "Hey, here's me?"

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