Louis Walsh does great makeover: Ten Years Younger on X Factor


Now while you've all been busy weeping over the disappearance of Jedward I've been noticing something else too.  The new Louis.  Gone is the grumpy elder lemon and in his place a zesty new model.

A new poster boy for the makeover industry is born.  Well, sort of.

I don't need my tealeaves to tell me that Louis Walsh has had a little work done, compadres.  Obviously taking a leaf out of Simon Cowell's book, and continuing the tradition of fabulous X Factor face lifts (Sharon Osbourne), he's taken ten years off - easily.  He doesn't look fake or stretched or any of that horrible stuff - he just looks better.


How did he do it?  Well he's laughing it off and saying that it's all down to plenty of sleep but we think there's no harm in postulating that we think he may have had at least an eyelift, a few fillers,  we kind of think there might be a dash of botox in the mix and he's definitely lost weight of course.  And hold on a minute - where have the jowls gone?

It's all good.  If I were as rich as he is I would be ringing up to find out the number of his plastic surgeon.  And it does seem like it's put him in much better form.  In himself like.

You go Louis!

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