'Lucky Dip' Make-up Sales: A Good Idea or a Bit Mental?


Ah, Lucky Bags. Do you remember them? Beloved of childer, these sealed paper or plastic baggies containing an exciting lucky dip of mystery goodies could be procured in any pound or corner shop worth their salt and were all the rage when I was a youngster.

Lately, though, I've noticed brands using lucky dip stylee sales campaigns to market their wares to beauty-lovin' adults rather than discerning sweet-toothed kids. Nails Inc. run occasional promotions on their website offloading selling five or six bottles of their full size nail polish for less than a quarter of the price of what they'd usually be, which sounds awesome. The catch is that you can't choose which colours you get: a random assortment of shades are boxed up and sent out to you.

This sounds like absolute genius on the part of Nails Inc. - "Guys! I just thought of a way to get rid of all those gammy colours that are piling up in the stockroom and get some cash in!" - but I'm not sure how great it is for the consumer. To be perfectly blunt, wouldn't you have to be a bit of a sucker to hand over your hard-earned for mystery nail polish shades that you might, y'know, hate?


What do you reckon, ladies? Would you take a chance on a lucky dip sale if the price was right, or do you prefer to know exactly what you're getting for your bucks?

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