Make a statement with the Millions and Trillions mani: A Caviar Inspired How To

CherrySue is in the house guestposting with her fabulous caviar inspired mani. Check out her blog for more great beauty reading!

First things first: why is this called the Millions and Trillions mani? Because when the postman dropped off my parcel of microbeads (an Ebay purchase) my first thought was: "They look like Millions and Trillions!"  That's what we used to call Hundreds and Thousands when we were kids.

This style of mani is where it's at right now and I thought I'd give you a little glimpse at how simple it is to recreate at home. (Donuts compulsory obviously.)

    What you'll need:
  • 1 pack of microbeads (No Hole MicroGlass Beads)
  • Your base coat of choice. Mine is Revlon Silver from Dealz for €1.49(!)
  • A cocktail stick for cleaning and shaping
  • A container for the beads. I used a silicone cupcake mold so as to easily return the leftover beads back to the bag
Step 1: Paint two coats of your base coat onto your nail.
Step 2: While the second coat is wet* immediately* place your nail into the beads and cover them entirely.

 Step 3: Firmly press the beads onto the nail bed to cover any patches, your nail can be redipped if necessary.

Step 4: Use the cocktail stick to shape the sides of your nails and clear out underneath the nail tip.  Ensure that your microbeads are as flat to the nailbed as possible, this will reduce snags and increase wear time.


Step 5: Apply a clear top coat to the nail tips (only) to further increase longevity.


Millions and Trillions: Wow! These nails are just so fa-NOMNOMNOM.

Step 7: Be mesmerised at the fabulous job you've just done in minutes!  Allow to dry completely, about 15 minutes all told.


Blatant attempt at pilfering photographic props

I spent the entire manicure trying to bodily block the Gorgebags (my darling son)  from swooping on the donuts like those seagulls from Finding Nemo. (Please be assured though that this is only a simulation of chastising the child... Normally he'd be rugby tackled to the ground before he ever got that close!)

Realistically this look will last about two days; of course that depends on what you're doing for those two days but as a statement look for a special night out or event I'm loving them.

The chance to pick them off too? Bliss!


Think you might give this a go?

Thank you CherrySue you'll not only inspire some fab manicures but I reckon you might break a few diets with the images in this post!

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