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I've been polling men of my acquaintance to find out what moisturisers they do and don't recommend. If you're a man reading this and you don't use a moisturiser on a regular basis, honestly, you really should start. Skin care isn't just for women, and like us you have to live in your skin for your whole life, so it's really, really worth taking good care of. In addition, you lot have to shave every day and that abrades your skin too, so start taking care of it!

Clinique M Lotion got several votes - one man said 'basically, it just works'. Which is as good a recommendation as any! But like the women's version, it doesn't have a Skin Protection Factor (SPF) which I think is a bit of a failing. Clinique Superdefense was also recommended. Lancome Homme Recharging Moisturiser got a good recommendation, and it comes in a fancy tin. It's a small size though, and runs out quickly. Clarins mens products got a big thumbs up as well. But all these moisturisers are on the wrong side of €30. Is there an Oil of Olay type product out there for men - cheap, but which does the job brilliantly?

L'Oreal have recently launched their Men Expert range. The packaging looks good, but what do The Men have to say about the Hydra Power moisturiser? "It didn't make a big impact on me", said one. Oh well! It doesn't have an SPF in it, but for some reason the after shave balm in the range (Comfort Max) does. On to King of Shaves - reasonably priced, and their mositurisers come with an SPF of either 8 or 24. What was the verdict? It was "ok", but not great. The main attraction here was price - this stuff retails in and around €8 - €9 and is often combined in 3 for 2 offers in Boots. If you'd like to try it out, King of Shaves offer free samples on their website.

Other notable mentions went to good old E45 cream and Aqueous Cream - both of them are available in any chemist and are dirt cheap - but both do the job. You may not have heard of Aqueous Cream and it's a bit of a well kept secret - it's used in hospitals for people with extremely dry skin and it's non-irritating and non greasy. It's a really good moisturiser and can be used all over the body - and the best bit is, it costs about three quid. Simple for men got the thumbs up from one - apparently "this stuff has certainly stopped red dry patches and that raw feeling". Another said "I didn't like Simple for men as it gave me spots, as did many of the Boots Botanics ones".


What else didn't the guys recommend? Nivea for Men got the thumbs down from one man - it was considered to cause blemishes and blotches. Another said he likes to use their Oil Control moisturiser for "lighter occasions".

In general though, they overall verdict seemed to be that the more you spent, the better the end results.

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