Man Flu season open


Man flu visited my home this weekend.

And it was a terrible terrible thing. It began with a "bit of a scratchy throat" and progressed to "itchy eyes". Then things went rapidly downhill. There was coughing, there was sneezing, there was a lot of shivering and suffering and there was an inability to answer the door to any Halloween callers. How selfish of me to think that was a bit convenient.

Thankfully a brief rallying period was brought on by a visit of another male and the quaffing of several bottles of Schofferhofer (obscure beer from Aldi, pronouced very good indeed). However things once more deteriorated after this, leading to a night of heavy snoring. Refusal to take any cough mixture or paracetamol to relieve symptom, despite loudly voiced misery, was typical of this patient and therefore not unexpected.


Morning led to a worsening of symptoms and bed could only be breached by the aroma of bacon and toast. Suggestion of coming with me shoe shopping led to severe relapse. Suggestion that perhaps a shower might help patient feel better, scorned. Duvet is all that can alleviate the misery.

All we can do now is pray.

How do you cope with Man Flu?

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