Most Expensive Non-Hairdo in The World Ever?


Oh Jennifer.

I spent most of my early twenties in various stages of blondeness trying to recreate your hair colour, bringing a selection of photos for every trip to the salon. I was firmly on your side throughout the whole Brangelina affair; if I'd been in the States I would probably have been sporting one of those "Team Aniston" baseball shirt. I valiantly stood up for you when others branded your Oscars gruaig too beachy or too surfer chick-y for the Acadamy Awards.

But even I was shocked to hear that you splashed out £40,000 to achieve the hairstyle, if I can even call it that, which you sported at the London premiere of Marley & Me.


That, ladies, was what it cost to fly hairdresser Chris McMillan from LA to London (in first class - nice work if you can get it), put him up in several top hotels on an all-expenses-paid basis for the duration of the week-long trip (ditto), and then fly him across to gay Paris to tend to Jen's locks for the movie's French premiere.

Now, it's not been established whether Jen coughed up that 40k of the Queen's finest pounds herself or if Fox picked up the tab, and of course there's the argument that if it was her own money, sure she can do what she damn well likes with it. Well, fair enough, but seriously Jen. Next time around, would you not just nip into a salon to get the roots touched up before you jet off, pack some heat protectant, a pair of straighteners, and your own hairbrush and spend your forty thousand spondoolies on something a bit more... well lookit, it kills me to say it, but sensible than your hair?

Source: Daily Mail

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