Naomi Watts Has Gone Full Redhead For Her Latest Role

It's OK, it's only a wig. But it's a testimony of Naomi's chameleonic face that all she has to do is throw on a wig and sure you wouldn't know her from yer man Adam. She's got the bang of the Farah Fawcett's off her by way of Tootsie.

The actress captioned the below: "You lookin' at me? First day on set with #LievSchreiber for #TheBleeder #LindaWepner #ChuckWepner #backtowork".

Yep, she's working with the hubby... he stars as  boxer Chuck Wepner in The Bleeder and Naomi plays his third wife. He's best known for taking on Muhammad Ali in a fight back in 1975, which explains the hair.


Have you ever worked with your other half? Did you enjoy it or get sick of the sight of them?

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