No fuss no mess, great skincare made simple: Leayah collagen facial mask


Leayah is a range that rings all our bells. Modern, forward thinking, never been tested on animals; organic and ethical; high quality, natural ingredients... impeccable credentials eh?

I tried the Collagen Facial Mask: intensive brightening treatment. Fresh and tingling, it made my skin feel clean and pure. Totally refreshing, smelling delicious, soothing, the results were great. I couldn't stop touching my face afterwards, it felt so cool and smooth. This collagen mask is salon quality - and it uses a salon style approach.

And funnily enough it's the salon style approach - the method of application - that was the only (tiny) downside for me. I'm just not mad about these cloth masks. I feel a bit like, well Hannibal Lector or something, with them on. In case you've not experienced a cloth mask, it's basically a face shaped cloth saturated in the mask ingredients - with eyes and mouth holes cut out. Aaaagh. Why is it that this creeps me out so much?!

Now my husband's used to my bizarre beauty rituals. God knows, I have no shame. But even he said "Holy crap!" when he happened to burst in when I had it on.


See, I think the beauty salon's a bit like Vegas. What happens in the salon stays in the salon.

But putting my personal weirdness aside, this mask is terrific. It doesn't get into your hair or make an unholy mess when you remove it. The mask is single use, so when the twenty minutes is up it gets thrown in the bin and you simply wash your face with water. Your skin is infused with vitamin C, collagen and chamomile and these ingredients have potent wrinkle reducing qualities and can even begin to even out your complexion from the first application. Try it for yourself: go to the Leayah website and order a single use mask and see the other products in the range.

I will definitely be using this mask again.

But this time I will lock the door while I have it on.

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