Oh, Glow On Then


I've blogged about Shu Uemura's gorgeous Glow On blushes before, and while two posts about blusher in one day might be pushing it, sure lets have another natter about their gorgeous cheeky goodness.

I've got one in gold, which I use more as a highlighter, but I'm seriously, seriously tempted by the rest of the offerings on Strawberrynet. The bright orange in particular takes my fancy - it's quite like NARS's famous Orgasm blush - but cheaper, yay!


If you're not quite as insane (or colour blind) as me, then you might like a little dollop of something a bit more subtle? You're well served if you do - there are a load of shades to choose from, from subtle beige and peaches, plus bright pinks and reds. All are priced at €18.

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