P Diddy is just Unforgivable

sleazy p diddy.jpgI mean YUK!

P Diddy, or Puff Daddy or Sean John or whatever the hell he's calling himself this week launched his new fragrance, Unforgivable. But instead of the usual gorgeous men in swimming trunks promoting the scent (e.g. Sawer for Davidoff), we are forced to endure Mr Bighead himself. Having a threesome.

You've probably seen the television advert. And as if that wasn't enough to turn your stomach theres also a 2 Hot for Television version.*

Aieeeee! "It's a bit risque" he says sleazily about the whole venture. Now, I've nothing against risque scenes per se. But I do have something against a man who says things like:


"I am meticulous in my lovemaking" Meticulous?! Does he get out his spirit level and his compass to make sure everything is just so? Oh it sounds like a whole lot of fun doesn't it?

“I think we all have an emotional connection to pina colada” Not the last time I noticed, no.
Talk about taking yourself just a teeny bit too seriously. Risque my ass.

* I can't link directly to the 2 Hot For TV bit cos you have to enter your date of birth to get to see it. Oh yes, it's that bad. On so many levels. Still, click on the Video link at the bottom of the Unforgivable homepage and then click 2 Hot for TV.

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