Perfume for Christmas

Giving the gift of scent can be a bit of a minefield, especially if you're a man. Think what disaster would occur if the mistress accidentally got given the Tweed by Lentheric and the missis got the luxury coffret of Chanel's Allure Sensuelle? Aiieee guys, it'd be more than the turkey that'd get roasted. And it's even more complicated than mere mix ups I'm afraid. Scent is intensely personal and a person who likes spicy florals might not enjoy being given a powdery scent and vice versa.

Hopefully this Christmas mistakes will be kept to a minimum because us bitches are on the case. We'll be giving you a run down of what's suitable for whom, from mammies to girlfriends, siblings, boyfriends and brothers. So stay posted, we'll be kicking this series off V soon.

We do have a couple of caveats though - we can only suggest ideas - so a little bit of detective work on your part could be in order to avoid the recipient absolutely hating what you've bought them. Where possible we have provided the prices (and we hope they're correct), where to buy and what the perfume is like. If those items aren't there, it really does mean we don't know what it costs/exact locations where it can be got/what it smells like, sorry!


But do feel free to comment and ask questions within the postings though because if we don't know ourselves, we can bet our asses someone else out there does.

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