Oh, It's Just Zach Braff, Kit Harington and Ed Sheeran Getting It On

Jon Snow don't want no Scrubs (apologies)... hey, but at least Ed Sheeran's tonging Zach's ear. Ah, Ed. He's really determined not to be the third wheel in this celebrity three way. Last time, when he was pictured tagging along with Calvin Harris and Taylor Swift on a lunch date just hurt too damn much...

Yes! Ed Sheeran crashed @TaylorSwift13 and Calvin Harris's lunch date: http://t.co/CO3VUpuMzv pic.twitter.com/3AfdUoImK4

— POPSUGAR (@POPSUGAR) May 29, 2015

Braff captioned this: "While Ed Sheeran tries to seduce me, Jon Snow worries about the Wildlings. #winterIsComing"

And here's one prior to Ed getting himself involved. Naaw, Ed... Anyway, Braff captioned this one: "This man knows nothing. Also, he's very tired after last night's battle. #jonsnow"


As for why Kit Harington's looking cranky, perhaps he was only interested in drowning his sorrows after people are still pointing out his statuesque form thanks to his red carpet company at the Elle Style Awards yonks back...


OK, so in case you've not come across it before; this is the original photo...

Then the internet made this happen...

And this happen....

We love to see odd celebrity get togethers, we don't know why. Maybe it's because it makes them more real. God, we're sad. Ah...do you?



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