Pretty Palettes: summer stunners YSL Marrakesh Sunset; Clarins Splendours

Yes even though we might already HAVE all these colours and yes we might already HAVE these finishes it doesn't stop us from wanting new palettes.

What is it about an eyeshadow palette that makes everyone go crazy with the makeup lust? Usually even though you know there'll be at least one bonkers colour that you will never wear?

Not in these palettes though - you really will wear and use all the colours if you invest.

YSL Marrakesh Sunset is sumptuous and really does evoke thoughts of Morocco with its rich purple, gold and rose colourway.  The colours are perfectly blendable and shimmer gorgeously - and the heft of the golden YSL packaging is (as always) fantastic.

YSL suggest that you use the colours on the left during the day with the centre panel used as a base - and at night layer up the intensity with the drama of the purple shade, adding a touch of gold in the inner corner of the eyes.

The picture here really doesn't do this palette justice - in real life the colours are much deeper and richer.  Take a wander to a YSL counter and have a gawk at this one for yourself.


Clarins Splendours (€39) is equally gorgeous, but colourwise is a more muted affair. The shades are bronzy, goldy, summery and most of all: wearable.

Four beautifully blendable brown shades and a black liner shadow are all stamped with an Aztecy/Mayan pattern.  The shadows are so deliciously embossed that it's was an absolute wrench to use them.

But I did it anyway.

Splendours is a pretty "safe" palette. It doesn't take any risks - and that's good because you know you'll use it and use it and get your money's worth out of it.

And you might even hit pan.



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