How to reduce the look of pores

Pores are small openings on the skin. Their purpose is to release oil and sweat. They are essential for the maintaining of your skin's moisture balance and all that comes with it.

Pores, for most, go unnoticed, do their job and remain unburdensome. But for others, they can appear large and more noticeable on the skin.

This could be for a number of reasons, such as acne, increased sebum production, sun damage or even a reaction to make up.

Although you can’t change the size of your pores you can try to minimize their appearance.

Here are some simple things to try:

Think about what products you are using

If you are in a bit of a habit of always using the same skincare products it may be time to switch it up. Our skin is forever changing so if you have been using something to minimise oil on your skin it may have succeeded but now is causing your skin some irritation. Not enough oil on the skin can be more damaging for your skin than an abundance.

To avoid overdoing it with your skin try the following: if you have oily skin, use only noncomedogenic products. So, only oil free.

Also, remember not to use these products every day or for longer than a couple of weeks without a break: oil-based mask, astringents and any deep-cleaning scrubs.

Stay Hydrated

As important as it is to use the right products, it is just as important to hydrate your skin from the inside too. You should aim for 8 glasses or 2L a day. It will work alongside the products you are using by:

  1. Hydrating your skin from the inside
  2. Removing toxins from your pores
  3. Improving your complexion


Cleansing your face with the right type of cleanser is incredibly important. You want to clean your skin of oil and dirt but not strip it of all its moisture. If you have dry skin, creamy/milky cleansers work well, and if you have oily skin, a gel-based cleanser is a must.


One big mistake people with oily skin make is skipping moisturizer in their daily skincare routine for fear it will make their skin more oily. Ironically, this can and will actually make your skin more oily.

Moisturising actually helps to penetrate deep into the skin and hydrate more effectively. In turn, your skin will not produce too much oil to overcompensate.

If you have large pores, opt for a water-based light moisturizer.


Yes, you have heard it a hundred times but SPF is so important. It's vital. Many people fear SPF as it may make your skin oilier but there are plenty of oil-free matte facial SPFs on the market to choose from. Sun damage not only causes wrinkles and puts you at a higher risk of skin cancer but it also dries your skin out making pores look bigger.

Remove your make up


We are all guilty of it but falling asleep without removing your make up is detrimental for your skin. If you don’t cleanse your face before bed, makeup, dirt, oil and bacteria all clog your pores as you sleep, making them immediately larger. Remove your make up before bed no matter how tired you are, your skin and bedsheets will thank you for it.

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