Get ready for The Skin Nerd's first must-read book this autumn

Jennifer Rock aka The Skin Nerd is releasing a must-have guide to healthy skin this autumn

You know The Skin Nerd. She's the biggest name in Irish skincare right now. She invented the can't-live-without Cleanse Off Mitt, runs a highly successful online skin consultation service, is all over our tv screens giving advice. She also occasionally pops into Beaut HQ with a guest article or a chat on Facebook. And now, she is making the dreams of all her fans come true with her upcoming book, The Skin Nerd: The Skin is an Organ – A 360° Approach to Your Healthiest Skin.

The title of the book is spot on since ‘the skin is an organ’ is Jennifer's long-standing mantra. Written with Jennifer's signature wit and honesty, The Skin Nerd: The Skin is an Organ – A 360° Approach to Your Healthiest Skin will feature all the wisdom and passion for healthy skin she has learned in her extensive and varied career.

Full of essential information and advice, the book will cover the benefits of Spritz O’Clock, her core Nerd Philosophies, a focus on specific skin conditions, explaining product ingredients among other things.

The book will be published by Hatchette Books this September.

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