Sneaky Peek: Revlon's Exceedingly Spiky Double Twist Mascara

revlon mascara

ANOTHER mascara post!?

Well, in fairness, it is a Holy Grail product so I thought you'd like a gander.

This baby doesn't launch until December but lets take a look at it now because it's so bonkers looking: Double Twist is Revlon's forthcoming foray into the mascara market and promises 'massive volume and remarkable definition'.


That's thanks to that 2-in-1 brush that the brand say offers the lash building properties of a traditional brush with the comb-through precision of a moulded brush. The best of both worlds, basically. Attack small lashes at the edges of the eye with the tapered tip, and the gunk is no less high-tech - containing fattening and embiggening goodies for super-pumped lashes.

In pixels and on paper, Double Twist sounds right up my street. It'll cost €13, and I can't hardly wait to get my grubby mitts on one.

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