Taylor Swift's Legs Are Worth HOW MUCH?!

When Marilyn Monroe got her legs insured for $1,000,000 back in the day, people thought the world had gone mad. So, bearing that and inflation in mind, it won't come as much of a surprise to learn that Taylor Swift can get her pins insure for $40,000,000.

Now, for those of you losing track of the zeros, that's FORTY MILLION. Someone needs to work that out by the inch. Oh, and she probably gets bonus points cause they can perform disappearing acts by walking backwards

The reason given for the huge amount is that Taylor wouldn’t be able to give her signature stage performances if anything happened to those legs. And lookit, they are fabilis pins (and now that spring is officially upon us, here's a tip to give yisser lovely limbs that buffed look without the hassle of tanning! We can't guarantee that it will give them a million dollar price tag, you'll have to talk to the lads in Stokes Kennedy Crowley for that).


And her stage shows could take on a whole new dimension if she hired Ed Sheeran to piggy back her around stage while they duet - I'd pay good money to see that. 

Now I'm not sure that I'd ensure my legs for a few squillions, but I do love my red hair so maybe I'll give Axa a call about it. Would you like me to put anything of yours on the Beaut policy while I'm at it? 

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