The Bra Book: 8 easy steps to your true bra size

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Apparently 70% of women wear the wrong bra size. 70%! Even if you've been professionally measured, chances are you're STILL not wearing the correct size. Got bra bulge - when your bosoms bulge out over the top of your bra? It's a worse fashion crime now then VPL... Oh dear, lock me up... guilty. I also found I was guilty of much more, upon reading the Figleaves Bra Book. For example, if you have two cup sizes or band sizes (say 34D and 36C) that you routinely buy in the hope that one of them will fit you - then you don't have a clue what size you really are. Emm, me again...

You may have been measured, but the Bra Book explains why this isn't failsafe. "Forget about the classic measuring system. It works, for some, but it’s far from reliable. Manufacturers developed the bra sizing system over 70 years ago, and body shapes – and our understanding of them – have changed a great deal since then. Also, it was never intended for larger cup sizes. The classic bra sizing system was designed for cup sizes A to D. We now have cups up to a JJ and the same rules don’t work at both ends of the scale."


They give loads of examples of bad fitting mistakes - bet you recognise yourself! A step by step guide covers many common mistakes most of us make and changes in circumstance that have led to your bra size changing - weight loss/gain, pregnancy, mastectomy. Most importantly it tells us how to fix them and finally get the right bra size! Download the Bra Book for free from Figleaves - and maybe treat yourself to a new bra or two to celebrate, cos there's a code at the end of the Bra Book that will give you 10% off your order!

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