Hardly a match made in heaven. Lindsay Lohan and her new fake tan Sevyn Nine


Lindsay promotes Sevyn Nine - hopefully with knickers on

Now the long and the short of it is poor aul LiLo is a tangoed creation who bounces from narcotics fueled disasters to lesbian love affair debacles. She seems to be stuck in a fashion black hole, hasn't done anything of note in the last few years - like acting for instance - instead preferring a hard partying lifestyle and size zero knickerless capers.

She's not as bad as Giorgio - but why on earth would we rush to buy a tan that she has endorsed? Oh sorry - that she has created (out of caramel or something), especially for the pale skinned amongst us. The tan is called Sevyn Nine. Why? "They're like my favourite numbers". Ah that makes perfect sense then...


Look, she needs the money. But in case you're not convinced have a look at some of the tans and bronzers that us real people like here and here.

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