The Hangover from Hell Mask

maskOh yeah, I fully intend to have me a few of these 'hangovers from hell' as I believe they are called over the Christmas period.

And sadly as I suffer with me sinuses, that makes hangovers even more painful - my head pounds with stabbing pains behind my eyes, and that can last for days. So I think I'm going to get me one of these little beauties.


It's the Oscar & Dehn Hangover From Hell Cooling Eye Mask, and it promises to help revive tired eyes and ease a pounding head. It's also perfect for party animals who need to feel & look good fast - ohh that's me! Plus it's ideal for recovering over the festive period too. And it's on sale! Ah the words we all like to hear. It'll set you back a paltry €6.62 (down from €8.83) from ASOS.

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