The Verdict: The Pippa O'Connor & Blank Canvas Cosmetics Palette

Well known Irish blogger and model Pippa O'Connor has teamed up with Blank Canvas Cosmetics to create The Pippa Palette, a handy little palette containing six shadows and three powders for face.


Whenever someone teams up with a cosmetics brand to make a palette with their name on it, I'm always a little curious about how much input they actually had into the quality, formulation and shades of the product. That aside, this is a nice palette, and a particularly good one for makeup newbies or those who like everyday basic products best. One thing I do like is that the six shadow formulations are all matte. This is a nice, practical palette which will cover you for day or evening. If you want to add some sheen to the shadows for night time, a pop of the palette's highlighter - Lulu - over the top will do nicely.

The face products are also very nice. Lulu is a really pigmented gold highlight which makes a lovely shadow all by itself and Pipsy, the peachy pink blush is so pretty on the skin. Amour, the contour shade, is representative of my only issue with the palette. It's advertised as containing the essential face and eye shades for any makeup collection, and it does, if containing basic day and evening shades is all that's required. But these shades will not work on everyone. Every one of them - without exception - has a warm undertone. So those with yellow undertones and tan wearers will look great in the shades from this palette. It's less suitable for pale folks like me, or those with pink undertones.

pip3 Left: Top to Bottom: Lily, Ollie, Tobi, Susu, Dodo, KD Right: Top tp Bottom: Amour, Pipsy, Lulu

With that in mind, this is a nice investment if you're in the market for warm toned basics. The Pippa for Blank Canvas Palette will set you back €39.99, and it's available online from Blank Canvas, or from Cloud Ten Beauty.

What do you think of it? Let us know in the comments!

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