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The mother of all red carpets took place on Sunday night, and we were up at dawn's crack chronicling who wore what. If that's all a bit too ball-gowny for your liking, we also have a hawk at what the BRITS red carpet had on offer.

In even more exciting news, we have a new competitions section (SQUUEEEEE!), Lenten promises, and yet more compacts to powder those lovely faces of yours with...

1: Brits Red Carpet
Style was refreshingly high on the agenda...

2. Oscars Red Carpet
In short, everyone looked stunning - particularly Rosamund Pike

3. When is a shampoo not a shampoo?
When it's this!

4. It’s a Cover Up!
We put three compacts on trial (this happy iStock lady wasn't around)


5. Hello Bookworms!
Have you read ‘The Best Books of Last 20 Years’?

6. Vanity Fair Gallery
They, alongside FIAT, are celebrating 'young Hollywood'

7. Lenten Promises...
... for the shopaholic

8.Rate It!
We're having a gander at home hair dye


9. Check out our new competitions section!
Seriously, that's an order...


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