Why a silk pillowcase could be your best beauty buy of 2018

Do you sleep on a pillow at night? If the answer is yes you can do your skin wonders while you sleep by making the switch to a silk pillowcase.

This is possibly my favourite Christmas present of 2017. It's something I've been meaning to get my hands on for a couple of years but I have been too distracted by all my other lotions and potions to make the purchase myself.

First of all, doesn't a silk pillowcase sound absolutely lush? I have always liked the thought of sleeping in silk sheets but I have never gotten around to it. I always think there's something very 'the princess and the pea' about having a silk pillowcase. Am I too precious to sleep on cotton now? Actually, yes. Now, only silk will do. Luna Pure silk pillowcase by Cara Pharmacy

Cara Professional LUNA by Cara Pure Silk Pillowcase €39


Aside from the obvious luxury of it, sleeping on a silk pillowcase has lots of benefits for your skin and hair. Unlike cotton, silk doesn't rub harshly against the hair shafts damaging and breaking them. The silk won't dehydrate your skin and strip it of its natural oils as lying on cotton contributes to. But it's the anti-ageing benefits that caught my attention. Silk won't crease your skin like lying on cotton does so it doesn't create lines. Where's the proof you might ask? You should find fewer hairs left on your pillowcase in the morning and no more tell-tale creases in your face. It's not the cheapest pillowcase you'll ever buy but I genuinely love sleeping on mine so I reckon it's worth every penny.

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