Have you forgotten about this cheap and handy beauty tool?

The good old facecloth can actually be a useful addition to your skincare routine. Facecloths are a handy, often forgotten beauty tool.

Even if it's folded up neatly at the back of your hotpress, I'm guessing that every last one of you has a facecloth. So, this is one addition to your skincare routine that won't cost you anything at all. Facecloths are something we always used when I was a kid to wash in the bath and clean your face at night. Like many things, facecloths are an oldie but a goodie. The simple facecloth has lots of benefits both for your cleansing routine and for the environment.


The good stuff

What could the benefits be of using a facecloth? It's not a vitamin-rich serum or a cream full of super ingredients, after all. Well, we still need all our fabulous beauty products. The facecloth isn't coming back to replace them but to use in conjunction with them.


A facecloth actually does a few things to enhance your usual regimen. First and foremost, it replaces your cotton pads. That's a good thing for your skin, your budget and for the environment. You can use your facecloth or mitt with your cleanser. You can actually apply your cleanser with your facecloth and really work it into your skin. Then rinse out your cloth and remove all traces of the cleanser. It becomes the second part of your double cleanse. A facecloth will remove your cleanser more thoroughly than cotton pads. Making the switch will save you buying and dumping hundreds of cotton pads every year.

Another thing that's great about facecloths is that they are suitable for everybody to use. Whether you have dry, oily or sensitive skin you can use a facecloth. They won't irritate your skin and they give you a nice deep clean. They remove more dirt and debris than just a cotton pad. Your facecloth will gently exfoliate your skin. It's more gentle than using any sort of scrub or peel so it's ideal for sensitive or reactive skin. Even if it leaves your skin a little red after cleansing - you know it's just from stimulation and not a reaction to an ingredient.

Facecloths work with absolutely any cleanser and work for every skin type. So no matter what your routine, no matter your skin type a good, old-fashioned facecloth will be a great addition to your skin routine.

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