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Ah, the Tonys. They're usually something of a muted affair red carpet wise, but even Kendall Jenner rocked up in a mini this year.

For those who need some convincing; yes, it's summer - so we're recommending foundations that don't drip off your face, as well as the three best blemish blasters doing the rounds. If you're not in the market for splurging on products, we're only giving away a rake load of award-winning goodies via the competition page. Do check it out.

1. Tony Awards Gallery
Tis The Oscars of the theatre world and had quite the turn out.

2. Teenage Angst...
Grab yisser lipliner; 1990s make-up and beauty revisited

3. Summer Foundations
These ones stay on your face. Promise.

4. Friday Feelings
Are high end products really worth the sponds?


5. Save, Spend and Splurge
We've got mascaras to suit any budget

6. Cailyn O! Wow Brush
Tis the makeup brush for those who intensely dislike makeup brushes

7. Banish Those Blemishes!
Our top 3 blemish blasters

8. L’Oréal Paris La Palettes
Perfect budget palettes

9. The Beautie Awards 15 Big, Juicy Giveaway!
Fancy getting your mitts on some award-winning products?


10. Checked out our rather fabulous competition section yet?
Fashion, festival tickets, fabulous beauty give aways, and more!

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