Thunderstruck: my Scholl Party Feet are cutting the bleedin heels off me

When Kirstie and I were at a wedding at the weekend we were kept busy admiring all the fantastic shoes that were parading around.

And of course nearly every high heel wearer would have been wearing Scholl Party Feet. A must have, these gel filled cushions make wearing high heels much more bearable and are as much a secret staple of any wedding or big night out as magic knickers. However a particular owner of a pair of simply gorgeous nude high heels brought this urgent matter to our attention.

"My Party Feet are cutting the feet off me," she lamented. "They're raising my heels up higher so that although I've already broken in these shoes I have to do it all over again - today. And it's killing me."


She was met with a chorus of "me too!" - so it's obviously a pressing and widely felt problem.

I saw her later on in a pair of flip flops so it seems she couldn't take the pain for one second longer. Though that was about two in the morning, ACDC were being played at top volume and grown men who should have known better were down on their knees on the dance floor playing air guitar, trousers pushed up to turn them into shorts and with their ties around their heads.

Weddings eh? But have you noticed this with Party Feet and do you have any tips for preventing it?

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