Tommy Bowe's Bodycheck set to be glorious televisual moment: will you be watching?

Ah Tommy Bowe.  We have a bit of a grá for this burnin' hunk a rugby love on  We've enthusiastically followed his sporting career for no other reason than the sight of a great arse in a pair of tight shorts the love of rugby.

And now here's a chance to get even closer and more personal with Tommy.  On Sunday night on RTE Tommy Bowe's Bodycheck will try to understand why Tommy is such a fecking ride. Why exactly does he have such an amazing body - is it genetic?  While we're tempted to say "who cares, don't try to analyse it", this programme is a welcome, if thinly veiled, excuse for the women (and many of the men) of the country to OGLE Mr Bowe.

And will we ogle?  You bet your tight white shorts we will


We hope RTE will continue with this type of informative and educational programme and may we take this opportunity to present suggestions for further Bodychecks?

NEXT WEEK: Bressie's leather trousers check
THE WEEK AFTER: Fassbender's underpants check
THE WEEK AFTER THAT: A Prime Time special investigates the socioeconomic and  political motivations behind the the brutal shooting of Robert Sheehan in Love/Hate. The country is down enough at the moment.  Could you not just leave us Darren?  FOR THE LOVE OF GOD.

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