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We're absolutely chocka today. In fact, this post is almost as user friendly as the Oasis dress that you can wear nine different ways. NINE. We're still not over it.

We've also the usual load of lovelies herding along red carpets, a range of summer boots available for purchase for under 50 knicker, more Mac dupes and the very last splash when it comes to voting for the #BeautieAwards15.

1. Hurry! Voting in #BeautieAwards15 closes Monday!!
Have you had your say?

2. Is This the Bridesmaid Dress to End All Shopping Expeditions?
It can be worn 9 ways. NINE WAYS.

3. 2015 Billboard Music Awards
Red Carpet alert...

4. Una Mullally Received a Sickening Piece of Hate Mail
There are no words...

5. How To Make Your Own Delicious Gluten Free Healthy Snickers
It's possible. Here's how before you chow...


6. Best Summer Boots Under €50
You know it still rains in the Summer, right?

7.Dupe de Dupe
Mac Versus The Body Shop

8. Cult Beauty: 5 Products That are Over 100 Years In the Biz
Now that's what we call 'staying power'

9. 68th Annual Cannes Film Festival
All the photos from 'Day Five'. It was a very stylish day

10. Wedding Guest Wardrobe
One dress... Two weddings



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