Trousersnake Chosen as New Face of Soon-to-be-unveiled Givenchy Fragrance


Justin Timberlake has been chosen by Givenchy as the new face of their forthcoming men's fragrance. Would you look at him up there, all, 'how'yeh, 5 for 50 on de Bugo Hoss and de Kalvin Sli-ennn". Sure never mind, he'll make a few quid from this deal and go back to pop music, wha?

We'll have to wait until June to find out what it's going to smell like, and all that other stuff, but apparently he was chosen, according to Alain Lorenzo, President CEO of Parfums Givenchy, "not for his star quality, but because he is a world recognized trendsetter who redefines modern elegance". Ohh, fancy, eh?


What do you lot reckon? Is it a good collaboration, and will you be buying it for your fella?

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