Victoria Beckham Gets New Hair Extensions. Me no likey

posh's new extensions

Ah nuts.

Just when you thought hair extensions were officially over, with even Cheryl "I'm Keeping The Surname" Cole ditching hers towards the end of last year's X Factor in favour of a fab above-the-shoulder style, Victoria Beckham goes and feckin' ruins everything.

She was snapped arriving in the south of France in the last couple of days with newly lengthened locks, and I for one was saddened to see the new 'do. Personally - and I know this will send Posh sprinting to the salon to get the extensions removed post-haste -  I think they look a bit, well, ratty at the ends, and much preferred the messy bed-head bob she was sporting of late to this new look.


What do you ladies make of it?

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