Want Adele's epic eyeliner? Her makeup artist shows how

We're not alone in wondering just how Adele gets that sweeping winged eyeliner and willing a tutorial to be thrown our way. It's been a thing on twitter for a while...

Well, ask and you shall receive! While Adele doesn't conduct the tutorial herself (could you imagine what a larf that'd be all the same), her official make up artist Michael Ashton has come across with a very in-depth blow-by-blow tutorial, which has reached over a million views already. Yep, it takes about twenty minutes, but the good news is that it also includes contouring, lips, the whole shebang.


Reaction from fans has been mixed. While some are rejoicing...

Some are seriously overcome with being handed the holy grail...


Will you be devoting 20 minutes a day to perfecting your winged eye, or do you spend a lot long applying your face?

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