Water wrinkles?

Do you splash water on your face after cleansing? Well of course you do. But now the cosmetic companies have come up with their greatest piece of pseudoscience ever – that this tap water, briefly applied to your face, is ageing, full of chemicals and pollutants and it will give you wrinkles. So now you have to buy their special purity guaranteed cleansing water – it’s the only way to stay young. And it’s the top end cosmetic companies that are producing this essential beauty product. Names like Decleor spring to mind, so as you can imagine, it’s not cheap.

A load of crap? Now, as you know I don’t like to be cynical but… come on people! How stupid do you think we actually are? I think we can draw a parallel here with the recent controversy that surrounded the launch of Coca Cola bottled water. When it turned that Dasani bottled water was provided from the mains supply in south east London, it was withdrawn from the market. And worse then that, Coca Cola had been “enriching” the water with a potentially cancer causing chemical, bromide, to improve its taste.


I am not suggesting the cosmetic companies are doing anything as harmful, but they are enhancing their water with flowery fragrances and the suggestion that the attainment of perfect skin could be yours… if only you would buy their cleansing water. And just by the way, you’ll be giving something back to them – a huge markup.

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