What would happen... if celebs led normal lives?


Maybe they wouldn't have personal trainers, untold wealth to spend on nips, tucks and any plastic surgery that took their fancy. They wouldn't have the time to work out six hours a day and they wouldn't have the obsession with their looks that comes with constant scrutiny. They wouldn't have anyone to dress them and pick out their clothes so they always look bang on trend and cutting edge. And their makeup and hair might look a bit dodgy sometimes.

In short - they would look just like the rest of us. They won't pass up that extra helping at dinner, they'd miss hair colour appointments, and they wouldn't have time to go to the gym.

So here's what Jennifer might look like... But what could Johnny Depp, Madonna, Britney, Pamela Anderson, Nicole Kidman or Tom Cruise possibly look like? In an alternative universe could it be something like this?

WARNING: those of you of a delicate disposition look away now!









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