What Your Skin Type Says About You: Dry, Oily, Sensitive or Combo, We Know ALL About You

Us ladies have got a lot in common: torso, legs, arms, faces, nostrils, etc. Yes, skin is a very true indication that you are a real human being, something that robots will have to work very hard on if they’re ever to overtake us as the most dominant species on earth.

There are many different types of skin, so let’s find out what your skin type says about you.

  • Dry Skin

A bit of an introvert, not one to be described as the life and soul of the party. You’re very interested in music, particularly 90s Brit-Pop. Oasis is your favourite band, drink and flower-arrangement receptacle. Socially, you’re not the most reliable person and can be quite flakey with plans. Your career as a weather forecaster is well suited to you. Rare is the day when a light coloured wash on your clothesline gets drenched.

Playing things safe is where your comfort zone lies and you’re rarely described as an adventurous person. An evening spent picking off bits of your dead flakey skin, along with a cup of tea and a fun-size Cadbury’s Flake is the ideal treat for you. Exfoliation and moisturising is something you could look into, but only when you’re ready, you unreliable Una!

  • Oily Skin

A love of extreme sports is something you’ve always been surrounded by. Unfortunately, you can’t participate because you have quite bad balance and texturally, you’re very slippery. An affectionate soul, you can be quite touchy-feely with friends, which at times infuriates them because they have had to start wearing waterproof products around you.

You fancy yourself as a bit of a chef, mainly due to your fantastic suitability for cooking meats, fish and poultry with. Rarely does a friend leave your house hungry! Life hasn’t been without its challenges, most notably the devastating reaction that happens when your oily self enters the sea, causing you to instantly kill the fish and all other maritime activity. Your sense of humour can sometimes be a bit crude, but overall you’re happy and unperturbed by your deep attraction to Popeye.

oil splash



  • Sensitive Skin

Emotionally, you are a ticking time bomb. You cried during Happy Feet, you feel very strongly that Ross and Rachel were genuinely on a break and when Biddy died on Glenroe, you went into mourning for a week and a half. Socially, people are careful about how they interact with you because you are easily offended and tend to be a bit touchy about things.

A previous career as a data analyst failed to hold your interest, but your current job as an actress is perfect! It involves being an extra for funerals, reality show eliminations and childbirth scenes in movies. You’ve never quite shaken the comparison a friend once made between you and the sensitive guy character Brendan Fraser played in the late-2000 comedy classic ‘Bedazzled’.

  • Combination Skin

Your life is very technology-dependent. The film ‘Her’ is not a million miles away from your ideal existence. You’ve a real head for numbers and like finding the quickest ways of doing things and with minimal effort. Your idea of the perfect day begins with a piping hot Americano, an advanced-level 1916 Rising-themed crossword, followed by countless hours spent leisurely browsing the internet and hacking into top-secret international military databases. You’re very organised and rarely lose things.

Friends see you as the go-to person with any problems (mathematically speaking). In your spare time you enjoy traveling, particularly to Paris to cut as many padlocks off the famous bridge as possible before being detained by the authorities.

skin reaction


Which skin type are you? Do you think that our descriptions are accurate? Let us know in the comments!

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