What's Your Grubbiest, Most Ancient Piece of Beauty Kit?

mac black gold

I'm not entirely sure why I haven't binned this shadow. Normally good at ditching things I don't use anymore because of serious space constraints, this seems to have somehow escaped multiple culls.

mac black gold

I think this is one of my very first Mac eye shadows, bought way back in the mists of time. It's grubby and gross and so justified and ancient in fact, that it has a screw-top closure. I'm not entirely sure how many years the brand has had the flip lid, but thanks to the help of Christine from Temptalia, I have a horrid suspicion that this could be as rickety as 12-to-15 years old.

And I still have it. This means it has survived multiple house and flat moves and has been in my life since before the new millennium dawned. It predates the Euro, it's been with me through two decades of my life and holy god almighty, it really needs to go. Not because it's off - to be honest, powder will last and last unless you're wetting it or (ugh) spitting into it. It doesn't smell, it hasn't changed consistency or separated. Nope, there's nothing *wrong* with this, per se.


It's just a horrid bloody colour.

gross swatch

The shade is Black Gold, a muddy matte carbon-black with some very subtle gold glitter (which you can see in the pot but not on the skin). It's not a particularly nice shade or formulation so lord knows how I didn't bin it years ago.  Gross and ancient as it is, I bet one of you gals out there in Beaut.ie land can beat the vast age of my octogenarian pot of product.

So tell me in the comments, what's the most geriatric bit of beauty kit you've still got festering in your stash?

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