When manicures go bad: Bourjois So Laque Blue Mysterieux came to the rescue


On Friday evening, in preparation for the book signing the next day, Kirstie and I went to have our nails done. Cos you can't be signing with tattered old nail varnish half chewed off nails, can you?

Kirstie had the worst manicure ever seen, but I'll let her tell you all about that. Mine was fine, but despite letting my nails dry for hours, the second I went to get dressed for going out that night, disaster struck.

"Ah fecks sake look at that." We're not talking chipping here - we're talking big ridges and the colour smudged off nails.

"I can't do the book signing with these nails," I wailed.


Kirstie had the answer and nipping to the chemist came back with a Bourjois shade the exact same as the fancy pants OPI colour I had on. (Read about all of the new season Bourjois here)

Blue Mysterieux is dark blue (almost black) and shiny out, I wish I'd done my own bloody nails. Especially as the manicurist had the worst technique for filing I've ever seen. It was quite violent, I won't lie to you. She filed the nails downwards in over forceful strokes as I watched her in open mouthed amazement.

"Do you get many people coming in for manicures?" I ventured. "Not really no" she replied.

I'm not surprised.

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