Why one woman's bridal makeup look is going viral

Or should we say her lack thereof?

Bridal makeup is one of the biggest areas of work for makeup artists and the research that many brides-to-be put into products is huge. Which foundation will last best? Which SPF will prevent the dreaded flashback in photos?

The most important thing about bridal makeup is that it should be something you're comfortable with, something that makes you feel happy and relaxed; this is not the day to bust out that new neon pink lipstick that you've been wondering about for the last few months.

And this bride (who no one has been able to track down as of yet so we can't say it's a 100% makeup free look) is leading the way with her bare-faced beauty.


Maybe she doesn't wear makeup every day and so she let her natural beauty simply shine through on her big day. Maybe she is part of the #nomakeup movement that has been gaining momentum of yet.

But whatever the reason, we absolutely love how she has embraced her natural beauty and the commentary online has spoken of how empowering and welcome such a picture is.

Would you go makeup free for your big day? Or would you prefer to rock a statement lip? And if you are married, what look/products did you go for on your big day?

via Allure

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