5 desk yoga stretches

You know what it's like. You've been working at your desk for so long you feel stiff and creaky and cranky.

So desk yoga could work for you - try these stretches - they're great! And don't worry about getting strange looks!

1 Kick back pose: interlace your fingers behind your head, relax your elbows and shoulders. Stretch your elbows back and let the tightness release slowly.

2 Human basketball net: raise your arms straight above your head and interlace your fingers. Alternate palms downwards and upwards. Stretch your arms out in front and relax your shoulders.

3 Open chest stretch: sit near the edge of the chair and hold the sides of the seat. Gently stretch up and forward. Open your chest and tilt your head back.


4 Phone stretch: while you talk on the phone, stretch your legs out and rotate your ankles and feet.

5 Neck rolls: drop your head to one side and roll it around in a wide circle; switch directions. Slowly find the tight spots. Hold and breathe, letting your breath release the tightness.

I use these stretches all the time now without even noticing it. People in the office are used to me now! I first read about them in the great little book Office yoga: simple stretches for busy people

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