A Gander at Katy Perry's Outfits From Last Night's Super Bowl

You want that beach ball bikini top for the hollier, don't you? Well, who wouldn't!? There's no need to trawl the internet, or get busy with a scissors, some masking tape and a couple of inflatables, all you need to do is get in contact with Moschino's Jeremy Scott (he's the creative director, dahling) and I'm sure he'll whip up something similar for you in a flash. Assuming you have the cash and the contacts, that is.

Mr. Scott is responsible for all five of Katy Perry's onstage looks from last night (we have the Evel Knievel inspired dog walking outfit, the aforementioned beach ball bikini, the absolutely massive sweatshirt thingy, followed by the starburst dress). Here he is looking pretty damn pleased with himself. In fact, his instagram is rife with behind the scenes pics, so feel free to indulge.

Speaking of being chosen one to create four outfit changes in less than 15 minutes, Scott told Style.com: "One of the reasons she wanted me to do the costumes is because she felt like no one represents her better than I do...I think it’s her mixture of humor and Americana and pop culture...Her costumes will be seen by so many more people than ever will look at any one show or several mini shows on Style.com, you know? It’s just a different thing. The audience is so vast, it’s so much more outside our nuanced world of high-fashion lovers."


Indeed the sketches do look better than the dress is actuality. Worth mentioning. We were all thinking it.

As for the forlorn sharks, he wasn't responsible for them. They were the handiwork of Perry's onstage costume designer Marina Toybina, Yes, they were designed.

So, the burning question is, do you  consider yourselves to be "outside our nuanced world of high-fashion lovers"? Do you think Jeremy has captured "her mixture of humor and Americana and pop culture"?! Or do you reckon the shark costumes were the best things going?

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