Baby No 2 on the Way for Evangeline Lilly - Pretty Soon it Seems!

First of all, the father is not Michael Douglas, although you'd be forgiven for momentarily considering the plausibility of that union. The 35-year-old was simply premiering her baby bump at last night's Ant-Man premier in LA.

This will be the second child she's had with partner Norman Kali, her first being son Kahekili whom she gave birth to in 2011. In case you're wondering, Kahekili is "Hawaiian for 'the thunder'" according to Heatworld. He should be able to say his own full name Kahekili Kali by the time he's ten or so.


Lily's due date has yet to be confirmed, but considering the bump is already in bellybutton popping / using it as a perch for one's handbag, we're going to hazard a guess and say she's due in about 8 weeks.

Speaking of her previous pregnancy, the 35-year-old Hobbit / Lost star said: "What I wanted originally was six kids. I frickin' love being pregnant. I'm one of the lucky women who just had a blissful pregnancy."

Ugh, don't get me started... But it's good to know that a blissful pregnancy is possible...

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